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NANDA?! is the latest word on the street. That quirky new comedy/electro duo you might have stumbled upon at Youtube. NANDA?! is Endigo and Kitcha, the guys also in charge of DarkBad. NANDA?! kicked of the summer of 2014 by releasing their debut single ‘Empire‘, quickly gaining a reputation for being the new something else. Shortly thereafter they released the follow-up single and video ‘Notice Me, SENPAI!!’ starring Swedish alternative model Victoria Lovelace, peaking Swedish Top Charts and quickly becoming the anthem of young anime fans all over. NANDA?! quickly started gaining recognition for their use of internet memes and catchy hooks combined with quirky video directing and subtitled lyrics. The duo released their third single and video ‘A DarkBad Halloween‘ in December of 2014, featuring operatic vocals, marking a new high for their musical diversity.


The duo draws heavy inspiration from musical comedy acts like Ylvis and The Lonely Island, but with their own contemporary touch, adding to their ever-growing internet buzz.



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Music Videos

The best way to understand NANDA?! is by watching their music videos.
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