Born in 1992 in Sweden, Endigo is a multi-skilled musician coming from a classically trained musical background. He started singing in choirs at the age of six and picked up the guitar at the age of ten. Since then he’s played different parts in several projects. As a musician, Endigo has participated in a number of bands, most notably Overworld, with whom he’s done two tours, released several EP’s and music videos, reached multiple Top Chart positions and much more.promised cover

Endigo is a versatile music producer with several years of experience working with genres including, but not limited to; electro, house, dubstep, new age, orchestral and film score. He’s also the main video producer at DarkBad, leading the external music video projects as well as running his own Youtube channel.

In January 2015, Endigo launched his self-titled solo project with his self-produced debut single ‘Promised Land‘, produced at DarkBad Studios. The song is a powerful hard rock anthem, completely produced with digital instruments and his own vocals.

He is also one half of NANDA?! as well as the co-founder of DarkBad.

Twitter: EndigoDarkBad
Youtube: Endigo
Instagram: endigoskyborn