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Ever wondered how show business would be if your productions were handled by fellow artists? Or simply curious about the various Youtube shows and podcasts the members of NANDA?! do?

Welcome to DarkBad, a production team consisting of two artists basing everything on personal experience. We know what actually works, and we’d love to share it with you!



We are Endigo and Kitcha, both members of the new electro/comedy duo NANDA?!. We’ve toured cities and countries performing at various venues, all while watching our worldwide fanbase grow. DarkBad was founded in 2014 during the midst of everything – giving room for our creative ideas and productions not directly related to our bands. We’ve recorded vlogs and shows on Youtube, hosted livestreams, produced music videos for different bands and much more. And now we’re taking the next step.

We provide;

Artist affiliating – Where you as an artist (or band) can get included in the DarkBad lineup for added exposure, promotion and networking. Check out Affiliated Artists for more info!

Video production – If you’re looking for a new music video for your music project, head over to the video production page for a sample of our portfolio!

Orginal shows and livestreams - We’re still entertainers, after all! At this site you get easy access to all our shows and livestreams, right as they happen!


This website gives you meant as a collective platform for all our work. Welcome to DarkBad!







Full biography available at DarkBad.com/Endigo









Starting out with the drums in 2010, Kitcha tried different pop- and punk rock bands out. He made his onstage debut in 2011 and founded Crestillion alongside Petri Valentin in 2012, all while steadily gaining a reputation in social media. He toured Sweden with Crestillion in 2013, including a show at the Rockbitch Boat alongside renowned metal acts, including Adept, Skitarg and Frantic Amber. That year, Kitcha also started working as the roadie and drum technician of Endigo’s, then current band Overworld, touring the many different cities and countries they performed at. Crestillion ended the year by releasing their debut music video Unbreakable on new year’s eve, which today sits at more than 170.000 views.

In 2014, Kitcha started taking professional vocal classes and soon thereafter founded NANDA?! with Endigo. During the summer they released their debut single ‘Empire‘, marking the start of Kitcha’s career as a vocalist and frontman. In addition, he also started a Youtube channel the same year. In December of 2014, he parted ways with the Crestillion in order to focus on his role as a vocalist and front figure.

Twitter: KitchaDarkBad
Youtube: KitchaSaventhes
Instagram: KitchaSaventhes